6th March - The Fleece, Bristol (with Meilyr Jones)



Jemima Surrender is a Bristol-based trio of Millie Phipps (Vocals/Guitar), Adam Eldridge (Drums), and Greg Stoddard (Bass/Keys). Millie began her musical career out of necessity. After graduating from University of Bath and faced with the horrifying prospect of being an adult, she gigged around school playing guitar and banjo. When Mumford and Sons ruined folk music for everyone, she knew it was time to ditch the banjo and start forging her own distinct sound. Taking the moniker from the famed song by The Band, Millie set out Jemima Surrender as a solo project in 2011. Moving away from her folk influences, she channelled her 90's alt-rock idols in Letters to Cleo, PJ Harvey and Juliana Hatfield.

When Millie had the opportunity to fill-in on bass for Anglo-Francais dance-punk three piece The Veees, Millie realized how much more fun shows are with other people and started to think about turning Jemima Surrender into a real band. Millie knew Adam as the barman/drummer from a pub she used to drink in as a student. and he moved to Bristol in the summer of 2013 to become the second member. Two months later on a sunny Sunday afternoon, they recorded the 4-track EP ‘Ask Me Again’ in a college classroom where Millie worked.

After a year of playing shows in and around the southwest of the UK, supporting acts such as La Sera, Lorelle Meets the Obsolete and Giant Drag, they set to work on writing songs for their debut album. Adam’s university friend Andy was brought in on bass and they recorded The Uninhabited World over four days in April 2015. It was the first record to be made at Joe’s Garage, a brand new studio in the basement of The Exchange in Bristol. Following a string of self-directed and produced music videos, the album was released in November 2015. In mid 2016, Greg stepped in on bass and keys to allow Andy to pursue his writing career.

Jemima Surrender are back working their peculiar magic on ‘The Uninhabited World’. And in few words the band’s debut epitomises all that’s great about indie rock - Bristol Live Magazine

Pure, unadulterated devotion oozes from this record - Drunken Werewolf

The poetic flourishes of Millie Phipps makes this self-released debut glimmer with radiant possibility. The narrative of each track blends guided prose and precise verse for a multifaceted collection of a budding ensemble’s first steps. - Another Dying Artform

Clearly not afraid to do, well, anything, the band have put together an exciting debut of a long-player guaranteed to make the most ardent music lover sit up and listen. - Louder than War

Sounding like a British St Vincent, the band blend indie guitars with quirky art-pop affectations' The Girls Are 'Jemima Surrender's debut album is a furiously infectious piece of work from the Bristol three-piece. Rammed to the brim with hooks that it's impossible not to be bowled over by the immediacy and directness of their sound and find yourself fascinated by and immersed in an album that doesn't quite play by the conventional rules. - Even the Stars

In both the music and the depicted scenes [in the Hammer & Peg video] there is a sense of effortless, off-the-cuff brilliance which I can only attribute to Millie and her bandmates’ innate talent and confident sense of themselves. - The Vinyl District


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